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Colorful Jamberry Nail Wrap Stickers Giveaway

Jamberry designs in Whimsical Willow, Wild Thang, and Kaleidoscope
My digits in Jamberry's Arrowhead wraps
My digits in Jamberry’s Arrowhead wraps

I’d been seeing press release email blasts about Jamberry for months before deciding to request samples to test. The company sells nail wrap stickers via regional consultants in an overabundance of designs and I wanted to compare them to the ones I first loved from Sally Hansen. Application is only slightly different: Instead of slapping them on and starting to file, stickers must be heated with a blowdryer (or other warming apparatus) before pressed onto the nail. I applied them Thursday evening (see mine, right) and by Friday morning was already feel a little bit of the downfall of stickers versus nail polish. There were a couple rough edges. I noticed the tips of my nails caught on fine fabrics and knits and, within two days, I saw the stickers lift from corners, ready to peel. (Full disclosure: I’m rough on my nails. I’m clumsy, I talk with my hands, and I wash them more than the average gal.) On the upside, everyone stopped me to ask him where I got my wicked manicure. Worth it. And really, that’s the point. Application takes less than 15 minutes and you’ve got Instagram-worthy tips you can’t stop looking at.

You can buy online or find a consultant or skip all that and try to win three designs I’ve got to give away. (See three prints above.) Not sure what you think of them? See each design on real hands on Jamberry’s site: Whimsical Willow, Wild Thang, and Kaleidoscope.

Enter here to win.

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4 comments on “Colorful Jamberry Nail Wrap Stickers Giveaway

  1. They are so so much fun! There are many tips and tricks to keep them from snagging. One of which is to trim instead of file tips. :) My toddler wore them for 16days with nightly hot baths. The best part is they are non toxic and made in the USA!

    With over 300 styles you can mix and match them with outfits for accent nails. They can be worn over any type of fake nails or just your regular nail. Removal is simple with just a little olive oil.

    We can also do custom designs for a fundraiser or event.

  2. Thank you SO much for trying out Jamberry Nail wraps Raya! I love sharing our application tips and tricks ( as well as our Nail Art Studio ( – where you can design your own unique wrap designs/pictures and wear on your nails & toes!

  3. I so happy that you took the plunge! I’e been wearing Jamberry for nearly 2 years and I LOVE them! I just created some custom wraps with the 2014 color of the year (Radiant Orchid!) for my upcoming cruise!