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Ashard Richley Colorblock Clutch Giveaway

Ashard Richley Futo bag
Ashard Richley Futo bag (photography by Matthew Shelley)

During the week or so that this Ashard Richley envelope clutch, pictured right, has been hanging out at my desk, I’ve imagined at least a dozen outfits it would compliment. It would be a pop of color with a black maxi, a sophisticated iPad storage center for work-related meetings (that is, if I had an iPad), and a perfect party clutch for Saturday nights. For everyday wear it would accomodate my phone, twenty lip glosses, fold-up hairbrush, camera, first aid kit (I’m clumsy), and a couple packs of fruit chews (yeah, so what). Alas, it’s not for me. It’s for you.

Handbag designer Ashley Burghardt and her public relations team sent this blue beauty, called the Futo bag, over for one lucky ShopTalk winner. Enter here to for the opportunity to score the bag. One winner will be drawn at random.

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11 comments on “Ashard Richley Colorblock Clutch Giveaway

  1. Love these clutches! Was trying to enter the contest, but the link doesn’t sent you to a form.

  2. Is there a bad link posted? I do not get the usual ShopTalk page that I get with these Friday give aways when I click on “here”. My niece really would like me to win this for her.

  3. Ive been rechecking and the link is not connecting but I would love to be put into the drawing for this lovely cluth.

  4. The click “here” link is taking me to the Ashard Richley page. I would LOVE to win the Futo Clutch!!! Can comments count as entries for the drawing?

  5. Ditto! She’s a fellow TTU Alumni! I would like to be entered as well, if comments do count!

  6. Commenters, consider yourselves entered. My apologies. Linked to Ashley’s site versus the giveaway form. It’s fixed now.

  7. Hey everybody! Do not click on the ASHARD RICHLEY link as it will take you to the website. To find the entry form click on the “Here” underlined link for the form.