What’s in Talent Agent Page Parke’s Bag?

what's in page parke's bag?
photography by Matthew Shelley

Perhaps you recently saw Page Parke’s on E!’s Scouted? Or maybe you know her as the name behind Page Parkes Center for Modeling and Acting (which just opened an Uptown location). Either way, Page has been in the business of discovering beauty and talent for more than 30 years. We knew the the former model, veteran scout (responsible for discovering Channing Tatum and Alexis Bledel), and mommy of three would have a few interesting tricks up her sleeve. Well, in her bag. Take a look.

Page's sunny Louis Vuitton bag

1. Burberry sunglasses. “My Olsen twin moment.”
2. Louis Vuitton wallet. “I can take it out of my bag and travel with a lighter load.”
3. Weleda Skin Food hand cream (“I spend a couple days a week on an airplane, so this saves my life.”) and Germ-X hand sanitizer (“I shake at least ten hands a day.”)
4. Beauty products clockwise from top: Frederic Fekkai Brilliant Glossing Cream (“It’s great for the heat.”), Evian mineral water spray, and Laura Mercier hand cream in Almond Coconut Milk (“When you’re feeling beachy”).
5. Laura Mercier Lip Glacé in Orange Tulip. “I like to pick a nice neutral color for the season.”
6. iPhone case with kids’ photos.

7. Yarn bracelet. “My son finger-knitted this for me.”
8. Chanel Double Perfection compact. “This is a staple item that doesn’t ever change.”
9. Tissues. “I have three precious children.”
10. Xyla grape candies. “It keeps your breath fresh and has health benefits, but is camouflaged by tasting like sugar.”
11. Aura Cacia lavender essential oil. “To make me think I’m in a calm, lovely world. When I can’t change the world, I change the smell.”
12. Emergen-C powder. “I drink these a couple times a day.”
13. Smashbox Soft Lights highlighter in Shimmer. “To make me young and dewy.”
14. Wisp toothbrushes. “On the way to my many meetings.”

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