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Making Dallas Even Better

Dallas Holiday Gift Guide: An Under-$50 Stocking Stuffer for Your Music-Loving Chef

Well, not your personal chef. Unless you have one, of course, and then by all means. Otherwise, pick up these Gama-Go kitchen accessories for anyone in your life who loves to jam out while in the kitchen or working on the grill. (They’re also the perfect persuasive tools to get someone new in the kitchen.) […]

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Can’t Add Stress Relief to Your Budget? Enter Our Adrift Float Spa Giveaway.

Kristin and I had the pleasure of trying out Preston Center’s Adrift Float Spa in February shortly after it opened. Find details here, but basically the process is you rinse, sit in a high-tech massage chair to relax, float in a private cabin, re-shower, and leave feeling better. Our opinion on the whole gig: we […]

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