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Making Dallas Even Better

These Glamorous, Glitzy CATTIVA Beauty Products are Now at Stanley Korshak

Do you know how many beauty brands come out of Texas? Aside from the well known ones like Mary Kay, Jack Black, and Niven Morgan, we’ve got a slew of under-the-radar local skincare and makeup lines that will blow your mind. I got a pitch last week from Austin mineral-based cosmetics company CATTIVA, launched by former […]

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Everything is Half Off All the Time at the New Mockingbird Station Store, Sample This!

Kristin and I accidentally found this three-day-old shop called Sample This! in Mockingbird Station last night. It’s a full-time, year-round sample sale. L.A. designers, like Notice and Ogle, send their samples to this mom-and-daughter owned store, and the girls sell it for half the original price. Only sizes 2, 4, and 6 are carried (with […]

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Check Out These Stink Bombs

Found at Grange Hall, these little guys are actually called Stink Bombs. But instead of stinking bad, they stink good. They’re made by one of the oldest candle companies in existence (Marie Antoinette was a customer) and match the already existing fragrances of candles. Think floral Trianon, spicy Nazareth, and woody La Grande Bougie. Candles […]

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Under-$50 Stocking Stuffer: Colorful Collar Bones from Thomas Pink

I know we already featured a Thomas Pink giftable yesterday, but I’m a sucker for anything that comes in rainbow colors. If you’ve got a pretty boy on your “nice” list this year, trust me, he’ll appreciate these little accessories to keep his collar straightened out. Plus, they’re an inexpensive little luxury. $25 at Thomas […]

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