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Making Dallas Even Better

Try These 10 Fall-Themed Spa Treatments

Pumpkin-scented and -spiced items may signal fall’s entrance, but pumpkin is more than a latte flavor or porch decoration. It’s also great for your skin. To satisfy fall fanatics, these local spas have jumped on the pumpkin bandwagon, adding seasonally themed items to their list of services.

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5 Dallas Shops to Hunt for the Perfect Easter Dress

What constitutes a really great Easter dress? A breezy print or a pretty pastel is a must. Something flowy is always nice as well as a fun, girly structure. But ultimately, it has to be a dress that you’d feel comfortable wearing to tea with your grandmother. That’s a tall order for you, Easter dress, but we know you’re out there somewhere. In fact, we even scouted a few that we’ve collected right here. Happy hunting!

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House of DIFFA No. 25

On Saturday night, some of Dallas’ most fashionable stepped out for the House of DIFFA (The Design Industries Foundation Fighting Aids) No. 25 at the Omni Hotel. The quarter-century anniversary brought a show packed with fashion shows, a live auction, and heart-pumping performances that took the crowd through decades of music (and fashion) from Madonna to Lady Gaga.

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