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Making Dallas Even Better

Courtney Loves Dallas Premieres Tonight

Whether you’ve decided you love her or not, it’s hard to deny that fashion blogger (and my friend) Courtney Kerr is, at the least, entertaining. That’s why Bravo is putting her back on the air for another reality series on the network (following 2011’s Most Eligible: Dallas).

Courtney Loves Dallas premieres tonight at 9 p.m. Ahead of its debut, I chatted with Courtney about life on camera, dealing with haters, and making her second go-round on national television despite not actually owning a TV herself.

Read the whole interview over on FrontBurner.

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Storage Wars’ Mary Padian on TV Stardom, Finding Weird Stuff, and her Fabulous Refurbished Furniture Store

I love when some of our magazine’s stories don’t get posted online. It gives me delicious scoop to post on ShopTalk. Like the story about Mary Padian, owner of home shop Mary’s Finds and as of late, reality star on Storage Wars: Texas. She’s our November issue’s Person of Interest. If you haven’t visited her restored […]

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Project Runway, Episode 1: Dallas Designers are Safe

Speaking of party dresses. The first episode of Project Runway’s sixth season aired last night on Lifetime (finally!). Dallas-based designers and Project Runway contestants, Louise Black and Shirin Askari (whom we profiled in the current issue of D), are off to a good start after the first challenge, a red-carpet look. Neither of them designed […]

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TV With Laura: The Bachelorette Recap

Last night, we took a break from questions about Kiptyn’s weird kissing, Ed’s possible medical maladies, international travels, and Jillian’s bad grammar. Ok, Jillian’s bad grammar is always present–even in studio. And that’s where we were, fine friends. It’s the “Men Tell All” episode–a complete waste of two hours wherein the men complain, get indignant […]

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