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Making Dallas Even Better

Dallas Holiday Gift Guide: An Under-$50 Stocking Stuffer for Pretty Princesses

I could not take bathing in sprinkles, funnel cake, or glittery bath gel seriously anymore. But I know lots of little girls who would practically explode with excitement over taking these festive pink tubes of glittery goo into the tub. Options from Philosophy for the pretty princesses in your life (top to bottom): Sugar Sprinkles […]

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Serious Sidewalk Sale at Merge This Weekend

Last week it snowed. This week temperatures are in the 70s. This is not our favorite symptom of the seasons changing. (Hello allergies and bored-of-wearing-a-sweater-itis.) But there is one side effect we love. Stores must figure out what to do with old inventory to make room for the new. And we, my friends, are reaping […]

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