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Making Dallas Even Better

Working Up a Sweat: Our Review of New Terlingo Cycle

When John Terlingo told us he was opening his own spin studio, we were stoked. The man developed a serious cult following at Beyond Pedaling and his cult followers have seriously killer gams. We waited patiently to get our buns on a seat at Terlingo Cycle, which opened last month. When we were offered a complimentary class to check it […]

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Links We Love

1. There’s a sale at Ceylon et Cie today. We’re in. 2. Photos from Thursday night’s Timothy Oulton grand opening. 3. This Etro statement necklace with blue, green, and black crystals and beads. (Or these YSL gold starfish earrings, on sale for $176.) 4. Jane Aldridge’s home-designed “fantasy pants” with rainforest print. 5. Kristie Ramirez’ […]

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These Girls Should Put a Bar of Soap in Their Mouths. And I Love It. is fashion blog, I guess. The content is basically made up of two 20-somethings (“Rebecca” and “Jean”) offering up cheaper shopping alternatives for expensive dresses. (They headline this little stunt “uglier but cheaper.”) I’m not exactly sure what the point is of recommending a less attractive outfit (often times the choose-this-instead-of-this option is not […]

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