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Dress Like Dallas This Halloween

Halloween is almost here, but before you reach for those cat ears (yet again), try dressing up as something a bit more original: one of Dallas’ best-known landmarks or citizens, of course! We’ve compiled a list of our five favorites and how to get the looks. Reunion Tower. If you’re in a pinch, create this costume out of things […]

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The Best Valentine’s Day Spa Treatments in Dallas

If you’re looking to snag some brownie points on Valentine’s Day, instead of taking the traditional route of chocolates or flowers, get your loved one something that will soothe their soul (and maybe yours, too). We’ve done research on some of Dallas’ most luxurious spas and found treatments that ensure a little R&R for you and your sweetheart. Whether it’s a couples massage or manicure and pedicure you’re looking for, we’ve provided the ultimate guide for those feeling knotty on Valentine’s Day.

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A Box of V-Day Love For Your Bestie, Courtesy of Packed Party

Last year on Valentine’s Day, I watched Gossip Girl while eating Italian food and drinking red wine in bed with one of my favorite girlfriends. It was my favorite Valentine’s Day to date, and it included everything I loved: said bestie, booze, gluttony in a judgment-free zone, and Chuck Bass. It was neither here nor there whether or not a man was in the picture, but, I’m pretty sure, every spoken-for lady in my life was touched with a smidgen of envy when I Instagrammed our full-throttle hedonism. (Yeah, enjoy your steak dinner in a tight dress and heels–I’m going to polish off another tortellini in my pjs.)

But I think tokens of affection for the pillars of support in our lives are the best part of the holiday.

Cue: Packed Party.

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Happy Thanksgiving. Drink Up.

My favorite thing about holidays might just be themed cocktails. While everyone’s fussing around the turkey, this vegetarian will be warming up in the corner with one of these bad boys. (recipe courtesy of Cosmopolitan) Tea-Quila 2 oz. Cabo Wabo Tequila Blanco 1 hibiscus tea bag 1 cinnamon stick ¾ tsp. cinnamon 8 oz. water […]

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Get Your Halloween Makeup Done at Blushington

Lauren and I visited Blushington this morning for a holiday party makeup tutorial (coming soon to ShopTalk!) and walked away inspired for Halloween, too. If you’re heading to a party tonight, it’s not too late to have the experts get your face right. Call now to make an appointment. Give them a heads up on […]

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