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Making Dallas Even Better

Try These 10 Fall-Themed Spa Treatments

Pumpkin-scented and -spiced items may signal fall’s entrance, but pumpkin is more than a latte flavor or porch decoration. It’s also great for your skin. To satisfy fall fanatics, these local spas have jumped on the pumpkin bandwagon, adding seasonally themed items to their list of services.

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The Tools You Need to Keep Your New Year’s Resolution

We’ll admit it: sometimes we can get a little too ambitious when it comes to New Year’s resolutions. This year, let’s be more realistic. Whether you’re looking to stay in touch, get organized, or work on your fitness, we’ve got the tools you need to start (and maintain!) 2015’s goals.

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The Best Valentine’s Day Spa Treatments in Dallas

If you’re looking to snag some brownie points on Valentine’s Day, instead of taking the traditional route of chocolates or flowers, get your loved one something that will soothe their soul (and maybe yours, too). We’ve done research on some of Dallas’ most luxurious spas and found treatments that ensure a little R&R for you and your sweetheart. Whether it’s a couples massage or manicure and pedicure you’re looking for, we’ve provided the ultimate guide for those feeling knotty on Valentine’s Day.

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Working Up a Sweat: Our Review of New Terlingo Cycle

When John Terlingo told us he was opening his own spin studio, we were stoked. The man developed a serious cult following at Beyond Pedaling and his cult followers have seriously killer gams. We waited patiently to get our buns on a seat at Terlingo Cycle, which opened last month. When we were offered a complimentary class to check it […]

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5 Favorite Natural Products with Organic Beauty Talk

Summer’s here. Pick up the bronzer and put down the ice cream. Swimsuits are coming, like it or not. Time to reconsider what you’re putting into your body. But what about what you’re putting on your skin? While you’re switching over from concealing powders to dewy tinted moisturizers and matte stains to glossy shades, why […]

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Working Up a Sweat: A Review of Sunstone Yoga’s Hot Pilates

Chelsey Plumlee has quickly become our regular fitness guru. And that’s great, because the most exercise I’ve had recently is getting on and off my bed to find a new Netflix movie at night. (But I did just finish a Vim + Vigor juice cleanse–details coming soon.) When the public relations team for Sunstone Yoga […]

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New Year, New You, and Obviously, New Workout Gear

New year = getting healthy = more workouts = shopping for new workout gear. Check this out: KaMIT Sport is a local sportswear line packing comfortable athletic-meets-lifestyle wear that is fashioned to slenderize. Dorris Bogus, the brand’s designer, ACE-certified group fitness trainer, and finalist in 2011’s Texas Next Top Designer competition, uses eco-friendly fabrics (like […]

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