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The Crescent Hotel Has a Definite French Feel Thanks to the Chanel Invasion

While the Rosewood Mansion is off limits, its sister hotel, the Rosewood Crescent, seems to be brimming with Chanel activity. According to 10 Best Dressed Lynn McBee: “The young ladies from Chanel that are working their check-in table at the Crescent have had little space heaters by their feet every day since they arrived. They […]

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Get Juiced After Your Bar Method Workout

No, no, you lush. I mean with real, organic fruit and veggie juice, hand squeezed, blended, and poured from behind the new Juice Bar at The Bar Method in Inwood Village. Why we don’t have more juiceries in Dallas is beyond me, but thank goodness for Bar Method’s husband and wife team, Tom and Lisa […]

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