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The Men Behind Lounge County on Why We All Love Waffle Weave

Girls, remember how attached we were to our velour Juicy sweatpants? We wore them everywhere, often with a color coordinating velour jacket. The grocery store, Starbucks, Blockbuster… Juicy tracksuit. They were just so darn comfortable. But I believe in gender equality, and I believe that men should have something just as comfy as our velour tracksuits, except maybe a little easier on the eyes. Okay, a lot easier on the eyes.

Enter Lounge County, the new loungewear brand offering menfolk the luxury of comfy threads that don’t sacrifice style. Imagine a waffle weave so wonderfully tailored, you wouldn’t be alarmed (or embarrassed) to see a gentleman caller showing up to take you to dinner and a movie in them. But a man in sweats, off the couch?! It’s not the easiest concept to grasp. So I caught up with the men behind the comfy collection, Texas natives Zach Redington and Andy Archer, to learn more about their new venture, the future of Lounge County, and whether or not the logo is indeed an octopus. (Spoiler alert: It is not. But close!)

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Libertine Now Available at Neiman Marcus

It’s Arts Week here in Dallas, and don’t think that doesn’t extend to fashion, as well. Johnson Hartig, the pattern-mixing pro and founder of the Libertine label (and soon-to-be author) is in-store at Neiman Marcus Downtown to mark the induction of his line into the store. His artistic mix of graphics and embellishments make his arrival in Dallas more than timely as we take an artistic eye to all that Dallas has to offer.

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Gwyneth Paltrow Visits Highland Park Village

It’s been a big year for Gwyneth Paltrow. From coining the term “conscious uncoupling” to opening a new pop-up shop in Dallas, the mother of two has a résumé filled with titles like “actress,” “singer,” and “lifestyle guru.” The Highland Park Village Goop store opened on Monday, but it wasn’t until Thursday night that Dallas’ style stars […]

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Zac Posen Loves Dallas Women

Fashion designers and celebrities all over the world are obsessed with Dallas women. (A fixation we whole-heartedly understand, of course.) Recently it was Diane von Furstenberg, and now we have another celebrity designer to add to the list: international fashion designer Zac Posen. The 34-year-old designer was recently named the creative director for Brooks Brothers’ women’s wear. And that’s not all that’s keeping him busy. He continues to design his eponymous clothing and jewelry lines and has appeared as a judge on Project Runway. 

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The Silver Soul Jewelry Airstream Trailer is On the Move

Local jewelry designer Molly Sharp lives a rock-and-roll lifestyle. From her long-tressed musician husband and polished-yet-bohemian home in East Dallas to her effortless free-spirited sense of style—everything has a so-cool-you’ll-be-jealous vibe about it. And her new jewelry shop, The Silver Soul, is no different. Shoppers will find the 1966 Safari Airstream Trailer filled with rings inspired by […]

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