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Beauty News: Local Lipstick, At-Home Blowouts, and New Salons

Piermarini Launches Eponymous Beauty Line The Snider Plaza boutique has launched its own beauty collection. The 32-piece lineup includes everything from night cream to a perfect red lipstick and rings up between $18 and $48.  The products come in smart black containers with the Piermarini logo and are formulated with water lily extract, avocado oil, aloe, jojoba, […]

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Sweet Scent Giveaway: Xela Aroma White Linen Candle

Back in 2000, Maryann Mihalopoulos, a seasoned attorney turned part-time entrepreneur, converted her passion for ambrosial fragrances into a sweet side business she called Xela Aroma. The brand peddles a dreamy lineup of candles and diffusers, each made and manufactured with essential oils, right here in Dallas. This week, one lucky winner will be able to take home the Classic White Linen Candle. The serene blend of chamomile, patchouli, cyclamen, jasmine, violet and musk promises to soothe your senses; and if the aroma on its own doesn’t suffice, the candle’s lovely packaging and 14-ounce, gold-trimmed jar might do the trick.

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Katherine Burks is a ShopTalk intern.

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Sunkissed Scent Giveaway: Lavanilla Vanilla Summer

I’m already a fan of Lavanilla, a brand that aims to make the fragrance experience a healthier one. Perfumes, if you are unaware, are full of chemicals. Lavanilla, on the other hand, focuses on essential oils and leaves out the mineral oils, synthetic dyes and fragrances, chemical sunscreens, aluminum, and sulfates. Typically, with perfumes on the natural end of the spectrum, I find they don’t last long without the powers of synthetic ingredients, but Lavanilla leaves a lingering sweetness that lasts all day. Everything the brand makes is vanilla-based (Vanilla Grapefruit, Vanilla Blackberry, etc). I wear the Pure Vanilla perfume almost daily and slather on the Vanilla Lavender body butter nightly. The limited-edition Vanilla Summer variation has me drooling. The list of the notes alone should sell you: tropical mango, juicy pineapple, creamy coconut milk, island sugar cane, and Madagascar vanilla. That’s a serious vacation elixir. I’ve got one to give away. Enter here to win.

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How To Pick a Blow Dryer: 5 Dallas Stylists Weigh In

CALVIN MAHONE at Drybar Weapon of choice: Buttercup Why he loves it: “In the hair industry, there are many options when it comes to choosing the perfect hairdryer. I always tell my clients to opt for a nano ionic dryer. Nano ionic dryers use negative ions to neutralize static-causing positive ions, yielding less frizz while restoring moisture to the […]

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Up Your Lash Game: Dallas Fashion Bloggers Pick Their 8 Favorite Mascaras

Lashes rule these days. Extension lash bars are popping up on every corner. Beauty brands are leaning on brush technology and updated formulas to create lengthening looks that create a breeze when you blink. But if you’re not sure which of the myriad tubes is the one for you, maybe take a tip from one of Dallas’ blogging crew. With five girls and their eight recommendations, one of them might become your new go-to.

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Smell Good Giveaway: Sage Turquoise Candle

In another lifetime, I’d own an apothecary full of delicious perfumes, oils, candles, and other tinctures. I’d include the line Sage, a collection of perfumes, rollerball oils, and candles inspired by birthstones. Every product is prettily packaged with a whimsical collection of notes. Take the Turquoise scent, for example. It’s made up of blue chamomile, grapefruit, cassis, floral-infused musk, sandalwood. “Fit for a mermaid,” according to Sage. Equally exciting is the candle’s outwear, a bright blue glossy glass jar encased in a paper container with ornate designs accented by gold sparkles. (Which you can keep to store other trinkets.)

I’ve got one Turquoise candle to give away. Enter here to win.

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How I Went From Brunette to Blonde: An Editor’s Diary

The first few months of 2014 have taught me an important lesson: never say never. Because one day, you’re going to wake up, look in the mirror, and decide you want to transform your dark tresses to blonde. At least I did, which was something I always swore I’d never do.

My infatuation with blonde hair started at the Beyoncé concert last July, and came to full fruition last Thursday at Blanc Salon. But it wasn’t an easy process—it took four months, three dyeing sessions, two salons, and a whole lot of chemicals, but I’m finally at a color I love. Here’s how I got there.

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#AirbrushTanProblems: How To Do it Right and What To Do When it Goes Wrong

As the sunshine is pouring down, the airbrush tan questions are rolling in. I collected the most frequently asked and sent them to my go-to mobile airbrush girl, Jacy Rader of Bronze and Beautiful. Wake up with a halfway bronzed bod? There’s prevention (and a bit of a solution). Can’t figure out how to prep? Rinse and exfoliate. Jacy tackles the world’s spray tan dilemmas ahead.

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Can Coconut Oil Replace Your Beauty Routine? We Give It a Try. (Oil Pulling Included!)

Coconut oil is having a moment in the beauty world. Beauty and fashion sites are sprinkled with stories touting the benefits it’ll bring your skin, hair, and body. Namely, oil pulling, a system of gargling oil for a healthier mouth and teeth. Supposedly, it’s also ideal for moisturizing, shaving, conditioning, and drawing toxins from your body. I’ve been interested in giving coconut oil a try, so, I decided to go drastic. For one week, I exchanged the majority of my beauty regimen with the stuff. I used it as my moisturizer, deep conditioner, shaving cream, lip balm, and even gave oil pulling a try. See what happened.

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Get Glowing Giveaway: Mandarin Lip Crayon, Golden Gloss, Luminous Body Bronzer

Let’s ignore the fact that we’ll still be seeing temperatures in the 40s this week. It’s nearing the end of March and weather or not, let’s agree to move on from winter. Up next on our fair faces: everything from Estée and Aerin Lauder glow-y collections. In particular, I love Estée’s Pure Color Lip Shine crayon in Mandarin, Aerin Lauder’s Lip Goss in a shimmering Golden Kiss, and Estée’s Bronze Goddess Luminous Liquid Bronzer with a sheer, pearly finish. (Perfect for giving pale legs a boost.) I’ve got one of each to give away to one winner.

Enter here to win. We’ll draw next Monday.

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