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Put Down Your Blowdryer. Get a Braid from Dear Clark’s Braid Bar.

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Jeff King blew me out with long, wavy curls (that lasted two days!) and Yessica Sanchez topped my crown with a messy, bohemian headband braid that looked just as pretty with a ponytail.

It’s too hot outside to shrivel up under the blowdryer before leaving the house right now. That’s why you head to Dear Clark and grab a chair (and a glass of cold bubbly) in the Blow Dry Lounge. Separated from the cut and color stations, this little slice of delicious product-infused paradise is now offering braids for summer. Pop in and get braided (basic braids, French braids, fishtail braids, four-strand braids, milk maid braids, waterfall braids–yes, waterfall braids–headband braids, etc.) for just $20. If you want a sleek do, too, get a blowout for $35 and your braid add-on is just $15. Even better, you can book online.


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