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Finally. A Look at the Target + Neiman Marcus Holiday Collection.

I’ve been looking forward to see the results of the holiday gift collaboration between Neiman Marcus and Target since it was first announced. Although I had reservations about the concept of designer-stamped affordable luxuries, I admire the 24 CFDA designers selected and I seriously love Target. As it turns out, the roundup of presents created by these style gurus is admittedly pretty fun. Much better than my ideas. Fashion designer Jason Wu made ornaments, Brian Atwood stuck to women’s accessories with gloves and sunglasses, Oscar de la Renta made beautiful doggie dishes, and Rodarte made wicked cool wrapping paper. Prices run from $7.99 to $499.99. Check out a few of my favs below.

The entire collection will be available in both Target and Neiman Marcus stores on December 1.

Target + Neiman Marcus Holiday Collection
photos courtesy of Target

To see the entire look book, click here.

5 comments on “Finally. A Look at the Target + Neiman Marcus Holiday Collection.

  1. The only things I really liked were by Lela Rose and Tracy Reese . . . because those items somewhat maintained the style of their high-end stuff.

  2. This merchandise will drive the NM commissioned sales associates crazy — some of them won’t lift a finger for a sale under $500.

  3. Although I do like most of the items, I was hoping that more of the designers would offer clothing and not home goods :( The Tracy Reese blouse is my favorite!!!

  4. I have a couple blogs, and one is about this topic as well. Do you mind if I share it in that blog, of course I will give a link back to you, and the orignal article. Have you heard anything more about this, I would be interested in reading an update. Best Wishes!