What’s in Courtney Kerr’s Bag?

What's in Courtney Kerr's bag?
photography by Matthew Shelley, design by Charlotte Tobin

We’re long overdo for a purse spill with Most Eligible Dallas star Courtney Kerr. Roll your eyes about the show if you must, but sit down with the hairspray queen, and you’d like her immediately, regardless of your preconceived notions. She’s quick, funny, and totally down-to-earth honest. Since the show ended, local buzz has included talks of casting for MED Season 2 and whispers of a solo show for Courtney, so I asked. A coy response suggests a new project is in the works, but the specifics… TBA. In the meantime, take a look into this accessory-stuffed clutch.

Courtney Kerr's bag
"I hate logo bags." Pink clutch from ASOS.

1. Stress Relief Eucalyptus Spearmint Pillow Mist. “I keep this for my office, home, bed, hotel, car… it smells like a spa.”
2. Comb. “This comb has been through the ringer. I don’t know what I would do if I lost it.”
3. Sunglasses. “Sunglasses are like shoes. You have to have options.”
4. Vicks VapoInhaler and asthma inhaler. “I have really bad asthma and allergies.” (Her allergy list includes cucumber, watermelon, and cantaloupe.)
5. MAC Mineralize Skinfinish Natural in “Dark.” “I have to be tan.”
6. BlackBerry and iPhone. “The BlackBerry has the same number I’ve had since I was 16, but I got an iPhone after the show aired.” (Lots of phone calls from strangers on her old number.)
7. OneSight bracelet. “It’s Luxottica’s charity. It takes recycled glasses, refurbishes them, and gives kids the gift of sight.”
8. Salon Grafix travel size Shaping Hair Spray. “That’s obvious. My favorite brand is actually Enjoy, but the big one won’t fit in my bag.”
9. Louis Vuitton wallet. “I needed something easily accessible. It’s from an ex-boyfriend, so I actually resent carrying it, but it’s so handy. And I love patent.”
10. (from left) NARS Velvet Matte lip pencil in “Dragon Girl,” Revlon ColorStay eyeliner, MAC Viva Glam Tinted Lipglass VI (“It’s like diamonds on your lips. If I’m not wearing this, I’m wearing red.”), Yves Saint Laurent Touche Éclat concealer (“It’s a saving grace”).
11. Mace. “I live downtown and my mom gave it to me. But I actually feel really safe.”
12. Women’s Wear Daily. “It’s half fashion, half business, so it feeds both sides of my brain.”
13. Bandages. Since dropping a MacBook on her toe and winding up with stitches (minus a toenail), “I’ve become a connoisseur of Band-Aids. I have all kind of prints. It’s a fun conversation starter.”
14. Calendar. “If I’ve written it down, it’s happening. And I like crossing things off.”

Peek into more purses.

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8 comments on “What’s in Courtney Kerr’s Bag?

  1. I really like Courtney Kerr a lot. I loved watching her week after week on Most Eligible Dallas. H

  2. Courtney Kerr was one of the reasons why I watched Most Eligible Dallas. Love the show

  3. Favorite Courtney moment on Most Eligible Dallas will always be when she was discussing the girls at the pool party wearing high heels with a bikini. Hysterical!

  4. OK, so she says, “I hate logo bags,” but has a Louis Vuitton card holder??? Does she know what a logo is?? Dumb.as.a.stump??

  5. @Perplexed you are the dump one. Aren’t tire of your harrassment of Courtney Kerr.

  6. @Perplexed this is what she really said “And I love patent.” You are only reading what you want to. Your hate of Courtney will not make us hate her. You are a major stalker.

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