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Hey You, Nice Fox Tail

via StyleSheet

Is that what you say to someone sporting a furry fox tail as fashion? It’s happening on StyleSheet this week (right), and so the conversation has cropped up. Is wearing a tail fashionable? (Let’s say it’s faux so we can skip the cruelty angle.) I thought this was a statement reserved for furries at conventions, no? According to Google, Posh participated in the bushy tail trend courtesy of Louis Vuitton circa spring 2010, but does that mean rodent behinds are just reaching the masses? PETA, where are you on this? If I show up wearing this to happy hour, am I in or am I out?

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  • the preppy debutante

    this takes me back for a nanosecond to the mid-80’s when all of the preppies would sport a rabbit’s foot (preferably pink or green) on our keychains. but that was nearly 30 yrs ago and we were a bunch of pre-teens!

    this is an awful fashion trend and should only be worn with a “hunting pink” jacket and a riding crop. at happy hour, at least have a hunting bugle/horn in one hand to balance out your martini in the other!

    thx for posting this one & putting all of us on alert 🙂

  • larionov


  • Laurence ‘GreenReaper’ Parry

    As a Dallas-area fur, I’d suggest larionov avoid the Addison area four weeks from now, as the ~1300-strong crowd of furries attending Furry Fiesta are unlikely to appreciate their sense of fashion.

  • Tina

    Completely in!!! I love my faux racoon tail I purchased at the Shining. So wish it was still open,since they had quite the fluffy cool collection. Any ideas on where I could snare some more?