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Got Peach Fuzz? Check Out Laser Hair Removal Deals from Completely Bare

No package for "Vajeweling," sorry.

Hands down, one of the best place to get hair waxed, shaped, and lasered right off is Completely Bare inside Exhale Spa. If I wasn’t already mid-laser hair removal at CB, I would buy up these packages on sale. Dallas girls and guys, find 6 sessions of hair removal for underarms, toes, bikini lines, tushies, brows, etc. Pretty much anywhere the yard needs mowed. Savings are running from $225 up to $1,200 off, but no matter which area you’re seeking to clean up, you can save hundreds. (Want your upper lip done? It’ll cost $600, versus the normal $825. How about lower legs? It’s currently $2,200, down from $3,025.)

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  • lauren

    Completely Bare is way over prices and doesn’t have the best customer service

  • Raya Ramsey


    I’m so sorry to hear that. I’ve had nothing but a perfect experience with them. I love Denise, one of the technicians. You should let them know you haven’t been pleased with your experience. :/

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  • google lover

    I’ve brought veet hair removal cream for holiday for under arms and bikini line
    and another one for my legs.

    How long will it last?
    And does my hair have to be quite long for it to work? Or can it be short?