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5 comments on “Should Toddlers Sport Nail Polish?

  1. My 3 year old and I love to get pedi’s together. I think color on toes for a toddler is fine. She is empowered to pick her colors which range from purple, pink and blue. It makes for great calming, bonding girl-time.

  2. I paint my two little Bichon’s toe nails, so I’m sure when I have kids, I will do that as well. And, by that I mean, take them to my pedi place and put them in those cute little cartoon chairs and let someone with steadier hands do it. lol

  3. Meh….if it’s part of playing “dress up”, I’m ok with it. If a mom is starting a “maintenance” routine with her daughter, I have serious issues. It creeps me out to see the little girls (I’m talking 4-10 year olds) speaking “expertly” about Essie vs OPI. Let them be kids, please!!!!