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Donate to Japan and I’ll Send You Makeup. Boom.

ShopTalk readers, listen up. Prove you’ve made some sort of donation to the Japan relief efforts, and I’ll send you a MAC Paint Pot in “Delft.” (See it right.) I suggest you head to LivingSocial right now: when you donate a teeny tiny $5, they’ll match it to make $10 and send it straight to the American Red Cross Japan Earthquake and Pacific Tsunami fund. I’ve already made a donation this morning, and It’s the easiest thing I’ve done all day. To enter evidence of your philanthropic efforts, email me at [email protected] Forward a receipt, a print screen of the “thank you” message post-donation, or whatever else you’d like. (Include your mailing address.)

3 Reasons to Donate:

  • You’re reading this blog, which means you have a high-tech phone, a job (because you’re at a work computer), or a lap top, all of which signify that you’re probably financially stable enough to give up $5.
  • Donations are a tax write-off.
  • Delft is GORGEOUS. Check out this swatch.

WARNING Lame, Sentimental Statement Ahead: It warms my heart to have received so many emails from you guys already. Thanks for reminding me how many compassionate people there are!

UPDATE: This offer will end at 5 pm CST today. Don’t worry. If you’ve emailed and haven’t heard back, I’m still working on it.

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  • tasha

    Raya this is awesome. Great way to increase donations to help Japan

  • Raya Ramsey

    Thank you, Tasha! 🙂 Just want to add a little reward incentive. And who doesn’t love MAC?

  • Miranda

    Great idea!! Give-and-get-glam! Love it!

  • Prasad

    Now this is the right time to help Japan. Each and everyone & every country should help Japan.

  • consuelo

    support the support!!! <3

  • Christine Allison

    Thanks for doing this RR.