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Making Dallas Even Better

Will Highland Park Ladies Put Eye Lashes on Their Cars?

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I really hope so. It’s apparently a new trend. Hopefully we’ll see a pair of falsies on a vehicle in Dallas sometime soon.

  • Divinora

    Eye lashes should be put on eyes, Christmas wreaths should be put on doors. Bows should be put on presents, and antlers should be left on deer, not on cars!

  • C

    I think it’s kind of cute! I mean, people put sweaters on dogs and denim diapers on babies…why not put falsies on your bug??!!

  • tinkerbell

    Well, we see plenty of falsies IN the cars around the Park Cities, why not ON?

  • Laura

    I wouldn’t do it but I think that they’re kind cute.

  • J

    I’ve definitely seen these on a station wagon driving around Uptown…