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Groupon. What is this place?

So, a friend sent me a link to this deal for Wink Threading Salon on Groupon. I love Wink. Now onto Groupon. If you haven’t checked it out, I suggest you do. I must admit I’m a newbie to this, so I can’t explain all the details to you, but, basically, Groupon is a site that offers daily deals on local businesses. Former deals have included $149 for a $229 skydive in Dallas, $85 for $250 eyelash extensions at Lash Studio, and $45 for $125 worth of hair services at Dear Clark. Crazy, right? Please tell me I’m not the last person on Earth to find out about Groupon.

5 comments on “Groupon. What is this place?

  1. Yes, yes you are Raya. Do you want us to laug hat you now or later?

    Just kidding!

    Check out Dallas Deal also.

  2. You just might be the last person – there’s even an app for Groupon. I bought the Wink groupon today. What a great deal!

  3. Okay, yes. As it turns out, my friends tell me, I am, in fact, the very last person on the planet to know about this. Sigh.

  4. Groupon rocks. They are set up in various cities so I first heard about it from an out-of-towner. Other discount groups: Dallas A-List (from the Passport book folks) and Sieze the Deal. Happy shopping!