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Free Shipping from ASOS Online

I know we try to stick to local. It’s our favorite way to go. But I can’t not tell you about this great thing happening on (It’s one of my favorite online shopping sites.) Right now, with the ashes overhead their shipping center clearing up overseas, they’re offering free shipping to the United States. That’s us, guys, and it’s happening until Monday. I’m thinking about this Love Milly Chain tee, left, for $20.29. With no shipping fee? Not bad. Not bad at all. Take a click and look around for yourselves.

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  2. ASOS has a habit of not receiving your returns. Here’s a way to protect yourself.

    When doing retuns with ASOS… Look at your ASOS Return label It says, “USPS PARCEL RETURN SERVICE. Under that there is a bar code and under the bar code is a line of numbers; 9158 9010 0704 9251 etc… WRITE THAT NUMBER DOWN!!!! You will be able to track your package back to ASOS returns if (WHEN) they tell you they have never received it. You can go to the USPS website and go to tracking enter that number and it will tell you where your package is. Better safe than sorry!