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’80s Fashion Flashback: Lady in Black

nancyMy favorite thing about this picture of a high-styling Nancy Nichols in 1980s New York City is not the Norma Kamali sweatsuit (“I thought I was so hot,” she says). It’s not the shoulder pads or the elastic belt with enameled roses. It’s not even the oversize eyeglasses. No, my favorite part is the long, pink, stab-your-eye-out fingernails. They’re hard to see, but they are so there. What sounds even better is the outfit Nancy wore later that evening while clubbing it up at Studio 54: a white Units pantsuit that was one size fits all. I can only imagine.

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6 comments on “’80s Fashion Flashback: Lady in Black

  1. OMG, I had that Units pantsuit! Mine was red. Most comfortable thing I ever wore to work in my entire life (and I had a crazy job back then with lots of running around). I had several combinations of Units and wish I’d kept the skirts. In fact, maybe I did… Is the red skirt now the base of my pirate-girl Halloween costume? I think it is!

  2. I had Units in hot pink and black but I could never figure out how to wear it in different ways, or scrunch the pink belt/tube top correctly. I failed at Units.

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