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7 comments on “TV With Laura: The Bachelorette Recap Episode VII

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  2. I LOVE ED! I love him so much, in fact, I’m even breaking up with Kiptyn for him. Sorry, Kippy.

  3. Breakdancing Mikes family was in California, not NY. And this show is very well scripted, including terrible actors.

  4. Word on the street is Kiptyn has already signed to be the next Bachelor…

  5. How did this girl go from what appeared to be a person with her head put on straight to someone who is such a Canadian loon? How can she not see thru Wes? How did the US immigration ever let her in to search for a husband. It’s the biggest reason to bar someone from entering on earth? If the producers let Wes thru to the finals, there will be hell to pay I predict.

  6. Did anyone see that Wes is coming to the House of Blues? And it’s billed as Wes From the ABC Show, The Bachelorette. So pathetic!

  7. Ed saved the show. I predict he has long been her choice and the producers set up the Ed leavng to throw everyone off. After all, the series has a history of playing games (Jason / Molly / Melissa).

    I found the decor of Wes’ family house to be suspicious. It looked like a rented house – as if he arranged to have family in Austin because of the show.