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Notes from the Home Tour

treesLaura and I checked out the White Rock Home Tour on Sunday benefiting Hexter Elementary School.  The houses were pretty spread out, so how could Hexter include all of them?  Just a question. The only new one was an Alan Hoffman on Groveland – cool neighborhood, I felt like I was in East Texas.  The other homes were mid 50s Ju-Nel homes – compact and beautifully effecient.  I was struck by the artwork on Woodgrove – all done by the owner of the house, James Colley. I was also struck by the master closet only containing men’s clothes.  So, I asked.  The owner, as it turned out, and he just said “The woman’s clothes have been relocated.  To another house – they used to fill the whole space.”  So, I put my foot in my mouth once again.  Just when I was going to try to get a deal on a painting.

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  • http://jamescolleyart james colley

    Closet was shared by my wife and I. She died in august 2008.It was quite roomy for the two of us. her clothes were given to friends and charities

  • http://jamescolleyart james colley

    thank you