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Take the White Rock Home Tour

Like free stuff? Have a love for midcentury modern? Today is your lucky day. Send me a haiku about your adoration for midcentury mod. Best entry gets a pair of free tickets to the White Rock Home Tour this weekend, my admiration, and a little taste of fame when I post  your poem. Start working. You have until tomorrow at noon.

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16 comments on “Take the White Rock Home Tour

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  2. El Rey, email me directly, so I can get in touch with you should you be the winner!

  3. Here is my grouping of haikus:

    simple, inviting
    clean stylish lines
    sublte hues touch the soul

    bright open spaces
    modern, organic
    harmonious elements fuse

    lofty, enlightening
    sublime inspiration
    visual textures abound

  4. Ok, here are a couple

    Cantilever dreams
    warm and cool unite
    the future is then

    a pebbled path
    welcome Rae of light

  5. Chris – I would vote for you first haiku. Such beauty in so few words. Good luck!