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Laura Kostelny: Young Fashionista

We are on deadline. I get grouchy when I’m on deadline. Guess what? Not today. Thanks to Nancy Nichols, I can chill in my brand new Snuggie. I might even catch my breath by working on my Murder, She Wrote puzzle (given to me by fellow Angela Lansbury-fan Stacey Yervasi). Best. Day. Ever. (If you require help with your organizational needs, please do let me know. I’m clearly your girl.)

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12 comments on “Laura Kostelny: Young Fashionista

  1. That’s AWESOME. Every time I see a commercial for that Snuggie, I seriously consider ordering one. Is it as amazing as it looks?

  2. Raya, if you are a smoker, I wouldn’t light up within 50 feet of the Snuggie. Otherwise, it’s perfectly lovely.

  3. I feel the same way as Raya! I told my husband I wanted one. Maybe that will be my sexy Valentine’s Day present.

  4. Cool!I think I saw the same thing on a monk once in Spain…Only his was brown, maybe he didn’t know it came in colors!

  5. Seriously – “Fashionista” and “Snuggie” in the same breath? You are kidding, aren’t you?

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