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Friday Giveaway: A Makeover With Blaine’s Color

Good morning, Talkers. Today’s giveaway is a good one: a consultation, cut, color, and style worth $175 from Blaine’s Color. To see an example of his handiwork, check out the color correction makeover in D Beauty‘s summer 2008 hair issue. Just e-mail me (by clicking on my name) for the rest of the weekend to enter and I’ll alert the winner on Monday. Good luck!

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10 comments on “Friday Giveaway: A Makeover With Blaine’s Color

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  2. Hey Talkers! Remember: to enter the contest, click on Jennifer’s name and send her an e-mail. We love your comments (they make us feel special!), but they won’t enter you for the giveaway. Best of luck. Hope you win!

  3. Blain is a wonderful colorist! He fixed my hair when I tried to color it myself and turned out with pink hair!

  4. I caught Baline’s news story on channel 5 and have been wanting an appointment with him ever since!

  5. I’m sorry Blaine, I was so excited to enter the “Friday Giveaway” that I typo-ed your name. BLAINE, BLAINE, BLAINE, your the man !

  6. I know that Vickie,Fatty, Anna, and sue would probably really like to win BUT I’m REALLY hoping I win.